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The Three Big
Crypto Challenges

Harnessing our expansive capabilities, connections, and insights, we unlock unique opportunities in the digital space. As the industry experiences unprecedented growth, our team has designed a suite of forward-thinking investment solutions that help investors solve for very specific challenges the crypto ecosystem. Dive into our Asset Management products and discover tailored solutions that align with your financial ambitions. Ready to explore?

Bitcoin Tower

Monetizing idle BTC

A safe way to put your Bitcoin to work


Custody Fees

Bitcoin is a core long-term asset for many investors (“hodlers”) BUT Safe custody and management of Bitcoin is costly. Bitcoin does not generate any direct yield / staking rewards. Existing solutions to generate yield on Bitcoin are unattractive and often involve significant counterparty risk.


Lending Markets

Lending markets for Bitcoin are often unattractive or unsafe (or both) limiting sources of income for bitcoin holders who, on the other hand must cover cost associated with safe custody and management of their holdings


Bitcoin Collateral Alpha

Bitcoin can however be used as collateral for trading in the crypto ecosystem and when put to work in high quality alpha strategies, can generate attractive returns.


Access to Alpha

Identify the right set of qualified managers capable of delivering these attractive returns with the right operational controls in place is key to unleash this income opportunity

Our solutions are only available to professional investors. Please sign up here to get more information.

Extracting Alpha

Access unique alpha sources in the crypto ecosystem


Uncorrelated Returns

A wide range of constantly evolving trading strategies can generate attractive uncorrelated returns typically in excess from those typically achieved in traditional markets.


The How

Identifying the right managers to exploit these opportunities safely and monitoring them closely is critical to capture these attractive uncorrelated returns.


Crypto Hedge Funds

Amongst a rapidly growing universe of new crypto hedge funds, few established brand names exist and capacity is often limited.



Appropriate and specific operational processes must be put in place to safely navigate this new crypto trading environment.

Our solutions are only available to professional investors. Please sign up here to get more information.

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Selecting Tokens

Gain smart exposure to the blockchain theme


Token Universe

Blockchain technology is transforming the way we exchange and utilise our assets, from simple dollars or investment funds, to art, in-game virtual  assets or even medical records.


The Craft of Selecting

Token holders are bound to benefit financially from the success of this new technology but tokens must be selected carefully by blockchain and investment experts.


Adoption of Technology

We are still in early stages of adoption but running at the same pace as the internet in the early 2000’s with corporates around the world developing blockchain-based applications. There is no going back!


The Art of Custody

As the industry has matured significantly over the past few years, digital assets ownership can and must be held in institutional and regulated setups (not on exchange).

Our solutions are only available to professional investors. Please sign up here to get more information.

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