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At the Intersection
of TradFi and
Blockchain Alpha

Blockchain experts creating income where others can't, specifically on Bitcoin


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About Numeus

Blockchain pioneers meet finance experts in the vibrant space of digital assets!

We are Numeus, a diversified digital asset manager. We pioneer innovative financial products and services to provide investors with trusted, alpha-centric and diversified exposure to investment opportunities in digital assets. 


A multidisciplinary team with deep expertise in quantitative finance, high frequency trading and computer science. We believe that diversity of skills is key to understanding the challenges and capitalising on the opportunities within the digital asset ecosystem.


This enables us to take a multifaceted approach, which encompasses Asset Management, Algorithmic Trading and Market Making, Research, and Venture Incubation. 


Our commitment to robust risk management and data-driven investing enables us to successfully navigate this challenging and dynamic market without compromise.

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